17 Mar 2020

Keeping the virus at bay

Our response to COVID-19

In response to government advice on containing the spread of the Coronavirus, we have taken steps to reduce the risk to our clients and our staff.

We have stopped holding face-to-face meetings with clients. Instead we are using ‘remote’ technology to hold telephone meetings where clients can also view reports,  valuations and other documents on their screens.

We have reduced external meetings as far as possible.

Last year we introduced our client portal, a cloud-based system that enables clients to view all their plans and investments. It also handles all communications with clients, and unlike email these are all encrypted and secure.  If you have not already registered for the portal, please take this opportunity to do so - just contact a member of our administration team: admin@fivewaysfp.co.uk or 01934 511511.

We have implemented partial remote working for our staff. We will always have two administration staff in the office, but for most of the time most other staff will be working from home. All staff have their mobile phones connected to our office telephone system and can be reached on our normal telephone number (01934 511511).  We will reply to all phone calls and emails as quickly as we can.

We ask clients not to visit our offices unless absolutely necessary.

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