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At FIVEWAYS we’re interested in all of your investments including those you make in yourself.

We have teamed up with Jim Constable of J1 Coaching, a friend of FiveWays, to talk about some of the things we can all do to make small changes and improve our lives, our wellbeing and how well we do what we do. In a series of short articles he talks about things like understanding challenges, nutrition, resolutions and mental well-being.


Jim Constable

Jim is a vastly experienced performance coach who draws on all his expertise to help business people and their teams to be resilient and perform better. He often focuses on the basics of physical health and well-being to help resilience.

He is lead author and co-author of two books on human high performance and has coached in widely varied performance settings around the world, including UK FTSE 100 companies and Olympic sport.

Jim Constable

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Health, Nutrition and overall Well-being

Tricky transitions

We go through many transitions in our lives, in different circumstances. Here are some thoughts on transitions…Imposed or initiated by youThis can make a big difference. The imposed ones usually take more getting your head around. The Kübler-Ross stages of change model – originally developed for understanding and dealing with loss and grief – helps

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By Jim Constable & Barry Wyatt

Co-authored by Barry Wyatt, consultant and coach to financial services. This easy to read book is packed full of helpful hints and tips on how to perform better.