5 Jun 2023

Liberations and Meditations

In the opening to The Happiness Trap, by Russ Harris, he writes “Myth 1: Happiness is the natural state for all human beings.” He goes on to add that not only is it not natural but not possible.

This is a liberating thought!

The heading of Oliver Burkeman’s final Health and Wellbeing column for The Guardian – “Eight Secrets to a Fairly Fulfilled Life” reflects this. His piece is about fulfilment rather than happiness per se.

Burkeman’s first ‘secret’ is that “There will always be too much to do – and this realisation is liberating.”

These two liberations are powerful to many of us who are striving to acquire more stuff or do ever more things in order to be happy! (Many of us had once never heard of a bucket-list).

Sometimes doing less is more. Of course the whole mindfulness movement reflects this. Pausing, stillness and appreciation can be wonderfully cathartic and effective in dealing with the multitude of pressures that 21st century life can bring.

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