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The steps we are taking to protect our staff and clients

The government’s latest instructions in relation to coronavirus effectively create a ‘lockdown’ in order to contain the spread of the infection. We totally support this initiative and have changed our working practices to minimise contact and travel.

Working from home

We have asked all our staff who have the ability to do so to work from home. Our aim is to minimise disruption of our core business operations and we are working hard to continue to deliver the very best possible service. This means that a minimal number of our staff – usually one or two - will be in the office at any time. So far our service is holding up well.  We use an app that directs calls to our office number (01934 511511) to the mobiles of our staff, so you will always have your call answered and routed to the right person. Our advisers will respond to any questions and queries you may have.


We are not holding any face-to-face meetings with clients. We are using remote technology to meet and discuss any concerns, or to complete an annual review. Most clients have been happy with the online meeting experience.


We are encouraging clients to use our Client Portal, which is an encrypted cloud-based service. This enables us to send and receive secure messages. Clients can view the current valuations of their investments.

What next?

We are trying to maintain a normal service to clients, and so long as our staff remain healthy we believe we can do this. If we do suffer from illness and staff shortages that could slow down our operations, we will tell clients. And we will review the way we are working as and when the government changes its recommendations.

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