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9 Apr 2024

If you own property that goes up in value it may be subject to capital gains tax when you sell it. However, your main residence where you live is exempt. Good news for many homeowners!

But imagine if you were taxed on other gains in your life.

You may have gained in many ways:

  • Gaining in friendships – long term and short term
  • Gaining the love and support that a family can bring
  • Gaining in knowledge – about topics, work, interests
  • Gaining in time – perhaps in retirement or as your children have become adults
  • Gaining in wisdom!

Fortunately we are not taxed on these. We don’t have to give up friendships or give up our knowledge (apart from when our memory starts to go).

In the meantime we can develop a profound appreciation for all the things we have gained during our lives – not least the lived experience that living a life allows.

What are you appreciating right now?

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