LifeWays – Your World and Your Conditions

LifeWays – Your World and Your Conditions

Life’s challenges can be broken down into two elements; the things you are trying to achieve (security, prosperity, lifestyle, experiences) and the conditions in which you are trying to achieve them. Your world/your conditions is often a big part of the challenge!

Just like the golfer playing on a windy day, or the tennis player serving with the sun in their eyes, understanding, accepting and adapting to the playing conditions is key.

Sometimes the conditions are so extreme that it’s all we can do to cope with them.

The past 12 months and more have seen our conditions change markedly. And they will no doubt continue to do so. But whether we’re retired or in business, whether our goals are about company finances or seeing family, it’s only when we factor in the world around us, that we are able to properly prepare and plan.

Occasionally, of course, the world around us is perfect - but that’s improbably rare. Most of the time there is something going on that adds to life’s challenges! That’s not to be pessimistic, but more of a wide-eyed view that allows us to say “ok, if that’s how it is - and there are things that I can’t personally influence - then I’d better get on with making the best of my life in this world, rather than wishing it were different.

This factoring in of the world around us - things like the availability of healthcare, the challenges of transport, the need to use technology, the taxation system - links to motivation, resilience and often success. It’s is an incredibly useful life skill.

Jim is a vastly experienced performance coach who draws on all his expertise to help business people and their teams to be resilient and perform better. He often focuses on the basics of physical health and well-being to help resilience.

He is lead author and co-author of two books on human high performance and has coached in widely varied performance settings around the world, including UK FTSE 100 companies and Olympic sport.

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Posted by Jon Lawson

Posted 24 Jun 2021 in FiveWays News

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